It Starts in January!!

Welcome to the 2019 Whitney High School football season! We are excited to announce a change regarding football jerseys which will allow us to offer new jerseys, new styles, and new looks every year.

In the past we purchased new uniforms when the program could afford to buy them.  The uniforms were worn by the Varsity squad for multiple seasons and eventually passed down to the JV and Freshman squads.  After just one season, the wear and tear especially on the jerseys was significant resulting in some pretty worn and tattered gear for our teams.

This year we are trying a new approach that involves purchasing new jerseys each season with your player keeping their jersey year after year.  Here are the details for each level:

  • Freshman and JV players will be purchasing home and away jerseys at a cost of $100 total for both. At the end of the season, the player will keep both jerseys.  Each year they will get brand new jerseys.  The jerseys from prior seasons can be saved as a keepsake, used as spirit wear by friends or family, or worn however the player chooses.
  • Varsity players will be purchasing their Home jersey only at a cost of $150. The jersey will have the player’s name on the back.  Again, each year Varsity will get new jerseys with the old ones saved as a keepsake, used as spirit wear by friends or family, or worn however the player chooses.
  • For Varsity the white jerseys we are getting this year will be used for two seasons and every third year we will buy a new set of whites. The football program will be purchasing the white jerseys and white pants.  The white jerseys will have a removable name plate to allow for name changes as seniors graduate or if an underclassman needs to switch numbers.  Pants will continue to be passed down to JV and Freshman squads.

We think this change will be a big improvement.  The teams will have new stylish jerseys each year and players will be able to keep their jerseys as a memento of their high school football playing years.

We are still working out the details of this new jersey program including assigning numbers for each player.  Please watch your emails for more details and order information.